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Converse Elementary

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6720 FM 1516 N

(210)945-1210 Main
(210)658-8162 Fax
(210)619-0301 Library
(210)619-0300 Counselor
(210)945-1214 Nurse

Principal : Mary Tyson

Mascot: Cougars

Level: Elementary (Pre K - 5)

AEIS Accountability Rating: Academically Acceptable

Feeds to: Judson Middle School


  • TAG (Talented and Gifted)

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Total: 845  
African American: 201 24%
Asian: 5 1%
Hispanic: 443 52%
Native American: 4 0%
White: 159 19%
Other: 29 3%

2012 Federal Adequate Yearly Progress

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2012-13 Academic Performance Report

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