Judson ISD

Parent Center Information

What Is Parent Center?

Parent Center PictureParent Center is a web application aimed at keeping parents informed and involved in the everyday activities of their student.

Features included are a dashboard (offering campus and general student information), student attendance, student grades and assignments, student library books, triggers and account management among others.

The goal of Parent Center is to make life easier for parents by bringing information together into one location in a user-friendly format.


My Dashboard

Features a quick “Attendance Snapshot,” a campus calendar, campus contact info, JISD news and useful links.


In-depth look at attendance/tardies for your student, attendance triggers, truancy filing notices, and more.


Displays grade averages by course/subject with the ability to view detailed assignment grades, e-mail teachers and set grade triggers.


Displays library books currently checked out to your student, overdue books, fines, a history of all previously checked out books, triggers for overdue books and librarian contact info.


Displays detailed discipline reports regarding student behavior, and links to JISD policy, state codes and student handbooks.


Displays immunization records on file for your student, as well as detailed instructions for required medications the student needs to take, links to health agencies, and school nurse contact info.


Shows meal account balances, add funds to your student’s meal account, view the past 30 days worth of meals purchased, and more.


Displays bus schedules for pick-up and drop-off, with locations, maps and more.


The ability to manage e-mail alerts for attendance events, grade movement, and overdue library books.

Course Plan (High School Only)

Displays the course plan for the 3 years of middle school or 4 years of high school that the student has planned to take for graduation. Also displayed is the career pathway, transcript data and currently scheduled course data.

My Account

Displays account information, login history, and offers the ability to add students, change your password, and edit personal information.