Public Information Office

The Public Information Office manages community relations, media relations, publications, the Jblog, JISD TV, social media, special projects, events and marketing, and offers leadership on all comprehensive communication strategies for Judson ISD.

Vendors Wanting Access to Students or Employees

For-profit businesses will be allowed to set up on district property for access to staff only during designated events during the year. That event or day will be determined by the Judson ISD. Check with the Public Information Office for such events Vendors wanting to participate in an event should only be those that offer services for the teaching profession or that provide items that directly pertain to the classroom teaching process.

Non-profit or for-profit organizations access to district employees for presentations or meetings will only be allowed on district property if the organization already has a relationship with Judson ISD through an MOU or written contract.

Requests To Distribute Flyers/Posters

Distribution is permissible for two reasons:
1. District sponsored flyer/poster that informs about district event or program.
2. Non-profit organizations that will benefit or impact parenting, children or staff.

Any organization that requests to distribute flyers/posters within the Judson ISD should send their request via email at least 2 weeks before the event to be publicized and should include attached documentation of non-profit status. This should include contact information for approval/denial response. If a flyer or poster is approved by the PIO, an approval letter will be sent to the requester by email signed by the Director of Public Information. The requester should take this letter along with flyers/posters to the desired campus(es) for approval by campus principal. CAMPUS PRINCIPALS HAVE FINAL APPROVAL OR DENIAL OF DISTRIBUTION.

Submit your flyer or outline of the event to The Public Information Office will review your request, then if approved, will draft a letter you will be required to present to each campus or facility you would like access to.

Public Information Act Requests

Click HERE to fill out a PIA Request Form. The Public Information Office will respond within 10 working business days.

For more information about the Texas Public Information Act or open records requests, please review the Texas Attorney General's publication, The Public Information Act Made Easy.

Publicize your Judson ISD event is a great place to highlight student and district successes. Every year we receive hundreds of submissions and we do our best to post events that are appropriate for the district website.

Events or news stories that will be considered for posting on the Jblog:

  • Events that benefit Judson ISD schools or district affiliated school support organizations with a 501 (c) (3) classification
  • State Competitions
  • National Competitions
  • Select Teacher Awards

All school leaders should consider recognizing scholarship winners through their campus website.

If your school has an event or news story that you would like publicized on the Jblog, please fill out the Online Publicity Request Form.