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Judson ISD Green Computing Initiative

JISD Green Computing Initiative

When it makes economic sense, Judson ISD Technology Services is focusing its technology resources on a "Green Computing Initiative" or "GCI". As part of this program, Judson ISD has received "Green Computing Certification" from CoSN and EPEAT Purchasing Partner Status from the Green Electronics Council.

Computers and other technology traditionally use lots electricity, produce lots of heat, require air conditioning, and often contain hazardous substances. As part of our GCI, we are leading an effort at Judson ISD to engage in many practices that will save electricity, save money, and reduce our impact on the environment, while offering Judson ISD staff and students progressive technology resources.


Highlights of Judson ISD's GCI include the following:

  • Replacing older UPS with more efficient models
  • Running servers on VMWare, which reduces the number of physical servers needed, reduces power consumption, reduces cooling cost, and requires less physical (expensive) data center space
  • Remote management and monitoring of servers and network equipment, requiring less travel and less time spent on problem solving
  • Consolidating and virtualizing storage on a Compellent SAN, which requires far less time spent managing storage, and will allow us to use storage much more efficiently, requiring less energy per unit of storage
  • Upgrading to more energy efficient servers for running multiple VMWare servers per physical server
  • Purchasing Energy Star rated computers and printers
  • Utilizing LCD monitors and phasing out CRT monitors, which use far more energy
  • Eliminating almost all ink jet printers and providing shared laser printers and networked copiers
  • Automating shutdown of most district computers at 5:30
  • Recycling Toner and ink jet cartridges
  • Establishing procedures for redistribution, reuse, and recycling of technology assets
  • Recycling of disposed technology assets with company which certifies that is uses responsible environmental practices and tries to reuse as many parts as possible
  • Remote deployment and installations of most applications, eliminating technician travel time
  • Increasing availability of scanners to store documents electronically vs. filing of paper
  • Heavy use of nComputing X-Series devices to increase availability of computers for students, while saving the district money on acquisition, energy, cooling, and network wiring
  • Pushing large volumes of student data to Judson ISD parents via ParentCenter and AlertNow, rather than relying on paper for all communication.


While Judson ISD has not calculated cost savings for all GCI initiatives, savings for the first two years of X-Series deployment, energy star computers, and automated shutdown are included in the following presentation: Turn One Computer into Four With Desktop Virtualization.

This linked chart is from the above presentation and highlights yearly energy savings that Judson ISD receives by running high efficiency green HP computers with nComputing X-Series virtualized desktops.


Please take a few minutes to view the detailed presentation on Judson ISD's Green Computing Initiative.

CoSN Green Computing Certification logo for Judson ISD