Judson ISD

Judson ISD Connect Mobile App

Using the Como Mobile application platform, Judson ISD has leveraged its existing news, school meal menus, school supply lists, contact directory, social media activity, photos, videos, and bully reporting to offer our community a convenient iPhone, iPad, and Android application where they can conveniently browse our web content. We know today's mobile users like to consume web content via apps, rather than traditional web pages. The application is free of charge for anyone wanting to use from their existing smart phone or tablet.

This application was entirely built in house with a relatively small amount of staff time and very modest funds.

Where do I download JISD Connect?

Apple App Store      Google Play

Judson ISD Connect mobile application is available in the iTunes App Store and on Google Play.

Can I access Parent Center using JISD Connect?

Yes, the mobile app includes access to Judson ISD Parent Center mobile, which includes most of the data available in the Parent Center website. This app allows both parents and secondary students to check on grades, attendance and more right from their mobile device.

What does JISD Connect look like?

Below are some screenshots of the mobile app. Download the latest version to see the most current screens.

JISD Connect Splash Screen
JISD Connect Home Screen
JISD Connect Meal Menu Screen
Splash Screen
Home Screen
Meal Menu Screen

Who can I contact for additional information?

For more information about our application and our development experience, please contact Technology Services at (210) 945-5562 or by email at technologysrvs@judsonisd.org