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Phone: (210) 662-5000


Degrees and Certifications:

Mathematics 4-8 Mathematics 8-12 Computer Science 4-12

Mr. Tinoco


Hi, thank you for visiting my teacher site. I will be your Engineering teacher and Robotics coach this year.

My name is Sergio Gutierrez Tinoco and as you may already noticed I go by Mr. Tinoco. I know I have a weird last name and also is confusing the fact that my last name is composed of two last names ( it's hyphenated without the hyphen).

I am originally from a city in Mexico called Monterrey, I attended University there at the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon(U.A.N.L.) and got my bachelor's degree there, my first work was as a software engineer, where I helped develop businesses programs.

I moved to San Antonio 15 years ago working for a company that offered me the opportunity to emigrate together with my family to the U.S.A. After four years working for that company I switched careers and started my journey in education. I was first certified as a Mathematics teacher and I have taught all the imaginable courses in Math. from Algebra I all the way to AP Calculus and College Algebra. After some years working as a Math. teacher and then as Computer Science teacher, now I am also certified as an Engineering Teacher and started teaching this subject two years ago, making my total years of experience in the classroom to 13 years.

One of my biggest passions on top of teaching Engineering is robotics, when interacting with me you will notice how my ayes will shine brighter when I start talking about robotics in general. So next time you see me around ask me how my robotics program is going this year!