• Coronado Village Coronado Village Elementary joined Judson ISD on August 23, 1971.  Its doors opened to an enrollment of approximately 400 students in grades 1-6.  George Ammerman assumed the role of Principal after service as Vice Principal at Live Oak Elementary.  The school was built at a cost of $396,350!  Of course, the school was built with an "Open Concept" in those days. That means there were no walls inside the building!

    Coronado Village This is CVE today!  CVE initiatives support a community of dedicated learners.  We strive to continually grow more knowledgeable teachers, students and parents.  CVE has a professional history of selecting best practices based on research and professional training.  CVE addresses each student's need in a variety of ways so that all learners experience success.  Our fine arts programs are strong and foster educating the "whole child."  Strength of character is also a focus as student's good character is showcased in many different ways throughout the school.