Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. E. Garza

      I seriously enjoy getting to know the students in my class and seeing them make connections in learning. I am a proud Judson High Graduate, as well as UTSA.  I have been a Texas certified teacher since 2011, and I had been in education for about 10 years prior to that. I am very firm, fair, and consistent, as we have fun in the classroom. My Texas Educator Certification includes a Standard Classroom Teacher EC-6th grade Generalist.  I also have a Child Care Director’s License for the state of Texas and have achieved well over 30 hours of GT training.

    Coming from various schools, disciplines, and classrooms (both departmentalized and self-contained), I have learned to integrate many disciplines across different subject areas. Instilling leadership is a strong foundation for ensuring student success not only in academics within the Judson District but for the rest of their lives. Building character, integrity, good work ethics, social intelligence, and other forms of leadership are key for me and my students.  We play hard, but we work even harder: we love to have fun, but we also know when to get serious about our academics. Our students may need to learn grit and perseverance as some assignments will be rigorous, being that 4th and 5th grades are transition years into middle school. I know that your students can and will succeed in life. They will grow up to become doctors, lawyers, teachers, preachers, songwriters, actors, sports stars, and anything else they put their hearts and hands to, and I am going to do everything I can to help foster a love of learning as they grow up to achieve their dreams.  I look forward to a great year with you all.


Ms. Garza


"The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short;

but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark." -Michelangelo


We are Judson Strong.




Garza’s Class Schedule

7 am- 7:30 am: Breakfast & Accelerated Instruction

7:30-7:45:  Morning Meeting & Announcements

7:45-8:30:  Science

8:30-9:25:  Math

9:25-10:10:  W.I.N / RtI

10:10-10:30:  Recess

10:30-11am:  Lunch

11am-11:45:  Writing

11:45-12:25:  Reading

12:25-1:10:  Specials

1:10-2pm:  Social Studies**

2pm-3pm:  Recap Day & Dismissal

**Extended Specials on Thursdays 1:10-1:55