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Javier Torres - Professional Athlete

  • There is something to say about grit. It is not something that can be taught. 

    It means waking up for a 6 a.m. workout before a full day of school, then going back for a 5 p.m. workout before dinner and homework. It means sacrifice after sacrifice to reach a goal that someone may say you can not reach. It means ignoring the loud voices of many and listening to the quieter voices of the few, the ones who are in the trenches with you, to ensure you reach your dreams.

    It is an inherent trait meant for those who will take advantage of it. And Judson High School alumnus Javier Torres did just that. Workout after workout, sacrifice after sacrifice, with one goal in mind - to play professional baseball.

    On July 22, 2023, Javier signed with the Cleveland Guardians.

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Emily Peery - Educator

  • Now in her seventh year at Judson High School, Peery was awarded this year’s Teacher of the Year. Her achievements didn’t stop - it’s been a golden year for Ms. Emily Peery.

    Not only was she the campus teacher of the year, but she was named the district’s Secondary Teacher of the Year. And on March 20, 2023, she received an email saying that she was awarded the 2023 Trinity Price for Excellence in Teaching from Trinity University.

    “You are among a select group of dedicated educators who have been nominated by your district, and we are excited to celebrate your accomplishments,” the email said.

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NaLyssa Smith - Athlete

  • It was a normal December day at Elolf STEAM Academy. There was a Christmas tree, dozens of toys, smiling students and a WNBA star.

    Wait, a what?

    Forward NaLyssa Smith currently plays for the Indiana Fever, but when she was a little shorter and a little younger, she played and learned at Elolf Elementary. She made her way back to spread some holiday cheer, and more importantly to some students, Christmas gifts.

    “I always wanted to give back to a community that I grew up in, a community that made me, so I thought of Elolf,” Smith said.

    And give back she did.

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Chanté Miller - Educator

  • When the old Converse Elementary School was being knocked down to make way for new development, Ms. Chanté Miller, a teacher at the new Converse Elementary School, devised a plan to somehow, someway, remember where her Judson ISD roots were first planted.

    So, she took a brick from the old school. Yup - a brick.

    And that brick is proudly housed at the front of her classroom.

    Simple to some, but to Miller, this brick is a reminder of where she comes from - she grew up in the Converse Elementary community, along FM 78, and her roots and her family’s roots are proudly entrenched throughout Judson ISD.

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Tré Nation - Musician

  • From professional athletes to authors, politicians and community leaders, the district’s classrooms have been home to many student success stories.

    Tré Nation, alumni of Wagner High School, is one of those success stories.

    “It’s absolutely surreal,” Nation said. “It feels like a fairy tale and I’m just riding it, trying to be present.”

    He is the lead singer of Ghost Hounds, a blues rock band that recently opened up for The Rolling Stones in Europe. They played in Amsterdam on June 13, Bern on June 17, and Milan on June 21. According to the press release, they “deliver a stellar live performance, playing an array of songs.”

    Even with his success, it’s clear that Nation hasn’t forgotten where he came from. He is a true product of San Antonio’s Northeast side, having attended numerous Judson ISD schools.

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