Beginning of the year list is found below. Please check back periodically for any school supplies that are needed throughout the year.


    2021-22 Seecond Grade School Supply List

    1 set of headphones(these are required) They will use them at the computer lab and when using the computers in the classroom. Each student will keep their set in their pencil box.

    48- #2 pencils

    2 boxes- 24 count crayons

    1- 5 in blunt scissors

    8- wide ruled composition books(100 pages each)

    2 boxes- dry erase narkers

    1- plastic supply box

    1- 8pk glue sticks

    6- pocket folders with brads(poly and different colors)

    1 box- classic broad tip washable markers

    2 boxes- tissues

    1- 2 pk pink erasers

    1- 12 in standard/metric ruler

    1- 12 count colored pencils

    1- 200 count wide ruled notebook paper

    1 box- gallon ziploc bags

    1 box- quart ziploc bags

    1 bottle- hand sanitizer