• As the students enter my classroom in the morning, they should hang up their backpacks in the back of the classroom after removing any items that they may need throughout the day. They will not be allowed to go back to their backpacks until it is time to packup. After retrieving all items needed for the day, the students will proceed to get their breakfast and then take a seat at their desks and eat their breakfasts and listen to announcements. I run a very structured classroom and have very high behavioral expectations for my student. I expect respect for everyone in my classroom.



    Classroom Rules

    1. Follow ALL directions quickly

    2. Raise your hand for permission to speak

    3. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat

    4. Make smart choices

    5. Keep all objects, hands and feet to yourself

    6. Keep yout dear teacher happy



    1. Verbal Warning

    2. Lose 5 min of recess

    3. Lose 10 min of recess

    4. Lose ALL of recess/Phone call home

    5. Cool off period in another class(15 min)

    6. Office Referral