• We have four very simple rules that students are expected to follow.  They are:

    1. Be polite – always show respect, raise your hand to speak.
    2. Be kind – keep your hands to yourself except to help someone.
    3. Be responsible – show accountability for your actions and always do your classwork and homework.
    4. Be considerate - always remember we are here to learn do not do things that prevent you or your classmates from learning.

    Consequences for the behaviors are as follows:

    1st   offense - verbal warning
    2nd offense – sign off on the behavior chart
    3rd offense – phone call home

    4th offense – office referral

    *All conduct marks in the behavior chart throughout the nine-week period will be reflected in the student's conduct grade on their report card.

      0-5---Excellent    6-10---Satisfactory   11-15---Needs Improvement   16+ ---Unsatisfactory