• Miller’s Point Elementary

    Classroom Rules and Policies


    Students are expected to demonstrate excellent behavior by following these guidelines:

    1. Be Responsible
      1. Follow directions the first time given
      2. Use time wisely and do your best
      3. Complete and turn in classwork and homework on time
    2. Be Respectful
      1. Be polite and use kind words
      2. Raise your hand and wait your turn
    3. Be Safe
      1. Keep hands and feet to yourself
      2. Use materials, instruments, and equipment correctly
      3. Stay in our space
      4. Stand/sit quietly in a straight line


    Students understand that teachers will use a variety of strategies to reward positive behavior that may include:

            Praise               Positive Notes or Calls Home              Extra Privileges

                                            Lunch with teacher


    There will be consequences if a student’s behavior is not following the above guidelines and the following actions may result in an office referral:

            Fighting            Harm to self or others               Destroying property

            Outbursts that cannot be redirected          Drugs or weapons


    Conduct grades for each nine weeks will be determined by this grading system:

    0 sign offs                Excellent (E)

    1-3 sign offs             Satisfactory (S)

    4-7 sign offs             Needs Improvement (N)

    8+ sign offs               Unsatisfactory (U)