• Whitehawk Schedule 2021-2022


    7:45-8:15     M-W-F     Tutorials by appointment (according to assignment after school may be possible) 

    8:15-9:05       Theatre Arts

    9:05-9:59       Theatre Arts

    9:59-10:53     Conference Period

    10:59-11:25    Advisory

    11:27-11:57    Lunch

    12:00-12:57   Theatre Arts

    1:01-1:55       Theatre Arts

    1:55-2:45       Theatre Arts

    2:49-3:45       Theatre Arts


    4:00- 5:30 M-F will be rehearsal schedule for plays once auditions are held and cast is posted. All students must be passing and are expected to attend 100% of play practice unless given an alternative rehearsal schedule