• General School Expectations

    1.  Be Prepared

    2.  Be Punctual - on-time or early

    3.  Be an Active Participant

    4.  Be Respectful

    5.  Be Responsible


    Science Classroom Rules (plus all Science Lab Safety Rules)

    1.  Follow directions quickly - #don't waste time

    2.  Do what's best for everyone - #same team

    3.  Treat others with dignity and respect - #R.E.S.P.E.C.T. 4 All



    First Offense:       Warning - either verbal or visual

    Second Offense:   Move seats and private discussion about behavior

    Third Offense:       Parent Phone Call

    Fourth Offense:    Counselor Referral and Parent Conference

    Fifth Offense:          Office Referral to Ms. Sifuentes (Assistant Principal)