• Sports Equipment

    Cabrera's Physical Education Class

    Kitty Hawk Shirt

    Kitty Hawk Shorts

    Good pair of Tennis Shoes

    Sweats - for winter time

    Compostion, Notebook or Binders with Paper to take notes

    Lockers and Lock will be provided to the students



    The Athletic and Physical Education clothes arrived on Friday September 25, 2019.  The next 2 days we will be issusing the uniforms to the gilrs who purchased them online or had money at the beginnign of school.  We will be doing this on Monday and Tuesday, so if your student still needs to purchase a uniform , please send money tomorrow.  The shirt is $10.00 and the shorts are $10.00.  The whole set is $20.00 cash only.  Wednesday all the students should have their PE/Athletic attire so we all will be dressing out into our PE/Athletic uniform.