The Goals of Physical Education are to promote the physical, mental, and social development of your child as a contributing member of society.  As a department, it is our goal to teach and instill the proper skills and behaviors, which are necessary to lead a healthy productive life.  With this in mind, the class is designed to enhance the physical components while complementing the academic components of your child’s education. The staff at Kitty Hawk is looking forward to a new and exciting year.  Please feel free to contact your child’s instructor during their conference time.  Your support and communication will be greatly appreciated. Physical Education is a requirement for the Judson School District.


    1. CLOTHING: CHECKS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED (Only cash or money order will be accepted)

    The student will need to purchase Kitty Hawk gym shorts (green) and T-shirt (gray).  The uniform can be purchased from the Physical Education Department for a total of $20.00 a set ($ 10.00 for the shorts & $10.00 for the shirt). Students will label both items with first and last name only.  The student will be required to purchase a new uniform if there is unnecessary writing such as graffiti or nicknames.  Previously owned uniforms purchased from Kitty Hawk will be allowed.  Sweats (not issued by Kitty Hawk) are allowed during their Physical Education Class.   Acceptable shoes are a type of gym shoe, which supports the feet well and cushions the sole on hard impact.  NO CLEATS, SPIKES OR SHOES WITH BLACK SOLES ARE ALLOWED ON THE GYM FLOOR. 


    1. GRADE POLICY:  

     All students are expected to participate in their physical education classes.  The students are graded in four (4) major areas.

    1. Participation – Effort made in the activity and willingness to try.
    2. Skills – Each student is graded on the improvement made from the beginning   to the end of the unit.
    3. Knowledge – Each student is responsible for the rules and regulations of each activity.
    4. Sportsmanship – The student’s attitude towards others and his/hers sense of fair play.

    Each week the students will receive two (2) grades.  One will be for participation and the other grade will be for dressing out.  The participation and dressing will count as 50% of the daily grade. Their test grade (skills or written) will count as 40% of their daily grade. The students will journal will be throughout the semester.  The journal will count 10 % of the student’s grade. 

    Students who choose to not dress out will have an alternate physical activity assigned before they can participate with the class.  Students who frequently do not dress out will receive a parent phone call and a conference with an administrator.



    Students will be assigned a locker and a padlock.  Only school padlocks are allowed.  Students are expected to lock up their items during class and when the leave for the day.  Students DO NOT share their lockers or their combination with anyone else.  The coaches are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.  The students will be charged $8.00 to replace lost locks. Lost or stolen locks are the responsibility of the student. *To help alleviate lost jewelry, we suggest sending a small container or zip lock bag to use for storage inside the locker* STUDENTS HAVE THE OPTION OF TAKING OR REFUSING A LOCK. IF YOU CHOOSE TO REFUSE A LOCK, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL ITEMS. YOU WILL NOT BE GIVEN A LOCKER WITHOUT A LOCK. PLEASE INDICATE ON THE SIGNATURE PAGE IF YOU ARE ACCEPTING OR DECLINING A LOCK.


    1. Gum, Candy, Food, Sodas, and glass items: Prohibited

    NO CELL PHONES or BACKPACKS ARE ALLOWED OUT IN THE GYM OR LOCKER ROOM.  The phones need to be either locked in the student’s locker or they can be given to their coaches to be placed in their black box. 


    The coaches recommend to the students that they remove all jewelry for safety reasons during their PE class.  If your child chooses to wear jewelry in their PE class, know that the coaches will not be responsible for any lost , damaged or injury to them or any other student.



    If a student needs to be excused from participating in Phys. Ed. Class, they may bring a written note from home.  Please specify the number of days a student should be excused.   If no number is specified, the note will be good for one day only.   A parent’s note will only be accepted for three consecutive days.  After this time a doctor’s note will be required to excuse them from participating. All notes must be dated.


    1. TARDIES: Students must be in the dressing room when the tardy bell rings. Failure to do this will be counted as a tardy.  Students will have five minutes following the tardy bell to continue dressing for class.  Roll call will then be taken in the designed area by the coach.  Each student will remain with his/her teacher for the entire period unless authorized to do so for administrative purposes.  After the activity is completed, students will be given time to change back into their school attire.  The students will be released by their coach when the bell rings.

    Wearing jewelry is a safety issue for your child and we suggest that students not wear any during PE class. IF your child has newly pierced ears, you will need to provide adequate documentation on how long your child will be wearing their earrings during the healing process. All injuries/accidents of any size should be reported to a physical education teacher for the purpose of immediate first aid care.  Any physical condition which could/would affect one’s performance must be noted by a parent and the school nurse should be notified.  ASTHMATICS SHOULD TAKE NEEDED MEDICATION PRIOR TO THE PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASS.  



    Running and general horseplay is not allowed in the dressing area or at roll call.  Students are to remain in the dressing room until given further directions. No one will be allowed to use any equipment of participate in any given activity without their coach present. 


    1. SHOWERS:

    Students are NOT required to take showers.  If they would like to take a shower, the must notify their coach and bring the necessary items such as towel, soap, and shampoo.


    1. Journals:

    Your child will need to bring either a composition book, notebook with paper or a spiral notebook.   Your child will be taken notes about the units that they are learning or receiving notes about the material that we will cover in class.  This journal will be graded twice and will count 10% of their nine weeks grade. 


    Thank you,

    Robert Castillo

    Boys PE/Athletics

    Kitty Hawk Middle School



    Monday, Wednesday, & Friday: 8:54 am – 9:52 am

    Tuesday & Thursday: 1:50 pm – 2:38 pm