Your Student’s Steps to Success:


    • Bring pencil, science journal, and planner to class
    • Follow all classroom rules and procedure as well as Lab Safety rules
    • Be responsible for yourself and your work
    • NO Cell phones out during class at any time unless instructed by the teacher. As per handbook: any phone taken up and given to the office, and will incur a $15 charge to retrieve.
    • Homework will be given weekly, and will need to be returned on the due date. 
    • Late work will not be taken after 3 school days after its due. Each day late will result in -10 pts of the grade. After that it will be a 0 in the grade book.
    • Grading: Daily/Labs - 50%,Tests and Projects - 40%
    • It will be the student's responsibility to pick up any makeup work if they are absent.