•                                                                                 WELCOME TO SIXTH GRADE SCIENCE


    PARENTS:  Parents, please be aware that two composition books are required for each student in order to maintain their science journal on a daily basis.  We will begin setting these journals up the first week of school. It is important for each child to have their journal and not get behind.  So, please help us out by making sure your child brings their notebook to school as soon as possible. We are also asking for one roll of paper towels and several other items that are needed specifically for science. If you haven’t seen the supply list for this year it is located on the Judson ISD website.

    Your child will be given a class rules and science safety contract page which needs to be signed by both you and your child and returned to me as soon as possible.  It also asks for parent contact and email addresses. This information is extremely important to me so I can make contact with you when needed. 

    STUDENTS:  PLEASE BRING THE FOLLOWING TO CLASS DAILY:  Pencil, blue or black pen, and your notebook for journaling if you have taken it home to study.  It is recommended that your student get an agenda book to record assignments and homework in.


    1. Enter the room quietly and immediately begin filling in your Agenda book and Journal, sharpen pencils, and complete the starter upon entering the classroom.  
    2. After an absence, ask for missed assignments and complete them on time.
    3. Cell phone use is prohibited. Students caught with their phone out will have it confiscated until the end of the day. After the 3rd offense cell phones will be turned into the office for parent pick up per district policy.
    4. There will be no bathroom or water visits during class unless it is deemed an emergency and the student is wearing their ID badge.
    5. Maintain an organized and complete Science Journal. 
    6. Respect equipment.  Charges will be collected for broken materials due to failure to follow procedures and safety rules.
    7. Abide by laboratory rules and safety contract.  Failure to do so will result in removal from the lab with an alternate written assignment.



    • Assessments = 40%       Daily work/quizzes = 60%            
    • Assignments are due at the beginning of the period on the due date unless otherwise stated.  
    • Test dates are announced in advance.  Review sheets will be given, and students are expected to study.   Please contact me at any time if you have questions or concerns.  
    • Late work is defined as any assignment that is not submitted on its due date, with the exception of makeup work for absences or approved school activities. Late assignments will be accepted 3 days from the assignment due date. 10 points per day will be deducted from the grade. Assignments turned in on the fourth day will result in a zero. In case of extenuating circumstances, it is the parent/guardian and/or student’s responsibility to inform the teacher so that an exception to the rule may be considered. 
    • Tutoring/re-teaching/re-testing will be offered every Tuesday from 3:35 pm to 4:15 pm  and Thursday 7:30 am to 7:55 am with a pass ONLY.  


    CLASSROOM DONATIONS:  It would be most appreciated if you could donate a box of Kleenex and/or hand sanitizer to my classroom.  Between colds and allergies, my Kleenex supply is pretty depleted. Thanks for your help!!!


    MY EMAIL ADDRESS:   lquiroz@judsonisd.org

    **** Please contact me at any time if you have questions or concerns****


    IST 9 WEEKS:

    1. Science Safety/ Scientific Investigation
    2. Physical Properties of Matter
    3. Elements


    2ND 9 WEEKS:

    1. Force and Motion
    2. Energy Resources
    3. Conservation of energy


    3RD 9 WEEKS:

    1. Earth Materials
    2. Plate tectonics
    3. Solar System


    4TH 9 WEEKS:

    1. Taxonomy
    2. Ecosystems



                  This is going to be a great year for your student!!