•        Classroom Rules

    1. Be on Time


      • In your seat ready to work when the bell rings.
    1. Be Prepared


      • Have your Science journal, pencil, and mind ready to learn.
    1. Be Respectful


      • Respect yourself, your teacher, and your peers.


    1. Follow all Rules and Directions


           Classroom Consequences


    1. Teacher and Student Conference
    2. Preferential Seating with Parent Contact
    3. Parent-Teacher-Student Conference
    4. Office Referral with Parent Contact


           Classroom Procedures


    • Entering the Room Between Classes


      • Line up on the wall outside my classroom. 
      • Enter the room quietly and move quickly to your assigned seat.
      • Grab any necessary handouts off the front table.
      • Sharpen your pencil if necessary. 
      • Take your journal out and begin the starter.
      • If you are late, come in quietly, go directly to your seat, and begin working.  You are responsible for anything you miss.
    • Tardy Policy


      • If you are not in the room when the bell rings you are tardy!
      • Parent contact will be made if tardies are a persistant problem.
      • Multiple tardies will be a referral to the office. 


    • How to Properly Request the Teacher’s Attention
      • Raise your hand.
      • Wait calmly and patiently.  I may not see you immediately, but I will eventually call on you.


    • Attention Bell


      • When you hear the bell, stop what you are doing
      • Hands free, eyes on me


    • Announcements


      • If the intercom is on, you are to remain silent
      • Students DO NOT talk into the intercom


    • Sharpening your Pencil


      • The electric sharpener is only to be used before class.
      • If your pencil breaks, you may quietly get up and sharpen your pencil if I am not teaching. 
      • One person at a sharpener at a time.


    • Borrowing a Pencil


      • You must have an ID to borrow a pencil.
      • If you do not return the pencil your ID will be held until the following class period or until you return the pencil.


    • Disposing of Trash


      • Trash is not to be tossed, thrown, shot, or slam dunked into the trash can. 
      • Leaving your area messy will result in being held after the bell.


    • Bathroom/Water:


      • Bathroom and water breaks will only be allowed when you are working independently. You must have your bathroom pass. If you have lost your pass, you have to wait until passing period.


    • Possessions:


      • There are going to be many things in this classroom that do not belong to you.  Please do not touch them unless given permission by the owner.
      • Do not touch anything on my desk or go behind it, ever!
      • The lab equipment (faucets, burners, eye wash) is off-limits unless otherwise instructed.
    • Exiting the Classroom:


      • Put your journal away neatly in the correct bin.
      • Gather all of your belongings. Wait for me to dismiss you, not the bell (DO NOT LEAVE YOUR SEAT UNTIL YOU ARE DISMISSED).
      • Exit quietly at the BACK door.


    • Make-Up Work:


      • If you are absent, you are responsible for getting your make-up work.  I will not remind you.
      • Check the make-up work folder to locate any work or forms you may have missed.
      • Makeup tests must be taken during tutoring.


            Classroom Tutoring

    • Tutoring is NOT for students who misbehave in class.  If you are off task and do not complete an assignment you cannot come to tutoring.
    • If you come to tutoring do not play or be off-task.
    • You need to come to tutoring to make up a test if you are absent. 
    • Please come to tutoring.  You do not need to ask.
    • Mon. - Fri. 7:40 to 8:10 am
    • Tues after school from 3:45 to 4:20