Classroom Rules & Policies

  • Classroom Rules and Expectations:

    • Be prepared for each class 
    • Behave in a responsible manner
    • Be on time
    • Demonstrate respect and courtesy for other students, teachers, and staff.
    • Use appropriate manners in speech and action
    • Obey all campus and classroom rules
    • No insult, put downs, or bullying of any kind
    • Follow the Judson ISD dress code
    • Follow student code of conduct

    Policies and Procedures

    • Attend class
    • Raise your hand 
    • Demonstrate on task behavior
    • Demonstrate respectful behavior towards others
    • Complete class assignments and projects
    • Homework completed and turned in

    Behavior Rewards include:

    • Social Praise
    • Positive phone calls
    • Positive Notes
    • Rewards