Classroom Rules

    Phones – No phones are allowed in the classroom (unless I approve an exception.)

    Bathroom – Emergencies only! Normal bathroom time is during the passing period.

    Tardies – No exceptions! Please be in your seat by the bell.

    Food/Drink – No food or drink in the classroom (or gum). Water bottles are acceptable if they remain in your bag.

    Noise – No speakers or music allowed. If I am talking, you should not be. During group work, you are allowed to have discussions about the project at a reasonable volume.

    Computers – You will always maintain excellent digital citizenship. You are expected to be working on the project assigned, not playing games or looking at unrelated websites. If I am talking, eyes off your screen and on me.

    Hallway  - If you are moving from the classroom to the robotics lab, you will do so quietly and with respect for the other classrooms. If you are working in the hall, you will not disturb other classes or speak loudly.

     Lab Rules

    Respect the equipment! – We have access to amazing project sets here at JSTEM. Don’t abuse them. Keep them in nice shape for the students that will use them after you.

    Don’t use tools you don’t know how to use – If you have not used a tool before, ask me for assistance. Better safe than sorry.

    Don’t pick stickers, labels, or paint off! – If something is labeled it’s for a reason. That reason is not for you to peel it. Do not remove labels from computers, monitors, desks, robotics, or any other equipment.

    Don’t jam parts together! – Nothing - anywhere, ever in the history of all technology – was designed so someone would have to jam, hammer, or force something together. Connecting the wrong parts can have disastrous results. It requires finesse and understanding, not brutalizing delicate equipment.

    If you see something, say something. – If someone is doing something they shouldn’t, they put themselves, classmates, and our equipment at risk. Please report misbehavior immediately.

    Classroom Norms

    Respect your classmates – We are positive and supportive in my classroom, both at a project level and on a personal level. Teasing and insulting, even in jest, is destructive to a person’s confidence and self-worth. Always maintain a respectful tone when speaking with your classmates.

    Respect your teacher – Make sure you are quiet when I am talking and using a respectful tone when addressing me. Follow my instructions.

    Use respectful communication – Do not insult, name-call, curse, or be generally unpleasant with your classmates or with me. If you are helping with someone’s work, be sure your comments are constructive.

    Respect our guests – JSTEM classes have a lot of visitors. I expect your best behavior and utmost respect when they are in our classroom.

    Consequences for rule violations will result in disciplinary action that can include the following, dependent on severity:

    • Warning
    • Discussion in the hallway
    • Discussion with Principal
    • Parent meeting
    • Loss of privileges