• Course Description-

    In 8th grade students will learn the first half of U.S. History 1607 - 1877 from the era of Colonization through the end of Reconstruction. There will be 10 different units, which breaks down to about 2-3 units per nine weeks. Because of the structure of the JSTEM Academy students will learn at an accelerated pace as is expected of a pre AP course. Students will be required to master each area of the course, and keep up with the rigor and pace of instruction. Tutoring will be required for students failing to meet this criteria.

    The target learning objective is for all Pre-AP students to attain “Masters” performance on the 8th grade U.S. History STAAR exam in May.

    How is Pre AP different from a regular class?

    Pre-AP U.S. History courses are taught as a way to enhance the skills students will need to be successful in Advanced Placement courses in high school.  The goal of the Pre-AP teacher is to give the student exposure and practice strategies, research, critical analysis, and assessments they will be expected to use in those courses.  This early introduction should help students learn the mechanics of the research and analysis skills needed to be better able to meet the high expectations for AP courses and exams.

    Guidelines for success in Pre-AP U.S. History:

    1. Lay out a block of time to devote to assignments.
    2. Learn to identify the relevant facts in all assigned readings.
    3. Take effective notes in class and ask questions for clarification.
    4. Scan notes weekly to keep material fresh.
    5. Keep up with all assignments so due dates do not become an ordeal.

    Remember that a Pre-AP American History Class is not an exercise in memorization.  Rather, it is a process of critically assembling and addressing information from the past, evaluating it and drawing meaning from it.



    A students nine week average will be calculated by the following:

    Major Grade-

    Tests/Projects will count for 40% of your nine-week average

    Daily Assignment-

    Daily work and quizzes will count for 50% of your nine-week average


    Homework will count for 10% of your nine-week average

    Make up Work-

    Students will be given one day to make up work for each day they are absent

    Late Work-

    Late assignments not turned in on the due date will result in a 10-point reduction per day. No late work will be accepted after the 3rd day.


    Students will only be allowed to retest on tests and major grades. They may only retest if they received less than a 70% AND may only earn up to a 70% in the gradebook. Students will only have one week to retest, and they most let me know in advance when they plan to do the make up.