• Projects/Tests- 40%
    • Daily Work /Sketch Book Warm Ups/Participation- 50%
    • Homework- 10%
    • Daily Grades include preparatory activities, daily completion activities, class discussions/participation, using media techniques appropriately, art supply management, completion of sketchbook assignments and quizzes.


    • Sketchbook Warm-Ups: A weekly grade is taken the day of the school week based on the completion of your daily sketchbook warm ups.
    • It is important to begin immediately upon entering the room without being told.
    • Sketchbook Expectations:
      Drawings mustfill the entire space

                    Drawings must show attention to detail and shading



    • Art Projects: Projects are evaluated using a rubric based on composition, craftsmanship, demonstrating technique, and meeting assignment criteria.
    • Projects are designed to be completed during class times; however, students who need extra time to finish for any reason will need to make arrangements with Ms. Elzne


    Art Room Class Rules

    Judson Jaguars Are Fierce!

    WE ARE…

    Focused, on task, engaged learners.

    Inquisitive, willing to participate, ready to engage, allowing intellect and imagination to merge.

    Excellent in showing their best effort in all that they do!  

    Respectful to Mrs. Wade, their classmates, themselves and to all art supplies.

    Cooperative, collaborative, considerate, courteous and conscientious.

    Enter and exit the art room quietly and with a positive attitude.


    1. Verbal Warning
    2. Teacher documentation and phone call home.
    3. Parent /Teacher/student conference
    4. Office referral

    *If a student is severely disruptive, they will be sent immediately to the office.