• My Class Rules



    Student Expectations:

    1. Students will wear masks at all times, use correct social distancing practice, clean and wash hands, or use hand sanitizer before class. Students will further be expected to complete the COVID daily screening and not come to school if they are not fit.  A student not fit because they have a disqualifier will still be required to complete daily tasks from home.  Students working from home will still be counted if they complete the daily check off in Canvas and receive a grade for completion of tasks.


    1. Students will have their computer, personal or district issued, available for use each day fully charged or with needed power supply.


    1. Students will be logged into Canvas each day. They will further be in class physically or remotely logged into Canvas.  On campus students will be given an assigned seat that they will need to be seated at when the bell rings each day. 


    1. Students will complete the daily checkpoint in Canvas and all daily assignments as noted in Canvas each day.


    1. Students will participate in all assigned activities.


    1. This course can be taken remotely or in person, students who are not in person will have the same daily requirements as everyone else.


    1. Students will be required to maintain a professional attitude at all times. That means showing up to class or meetings on time, contacting the teacher if a problem arises, not using profane language.  Students are expected to use professional communication skills when working with groups, peers, or instructors.  Students will not bully others either in person or online. Students will maintain a positive attitude and refrain from fighting, arguing, or otherwise being disruptive or disrespectful to the instructor or his / her peers.


    1. Students will be expected to follow the Restroom, Cell Phone, and Grading policy listed below.


    1. This list is not meant to be all inclusive. Taken with the items listed on the courses Canvas main page it is meant to illustrate what is generally expected of students.  Other items can be added to this list without notice if it’s determined it needs to be on here or if the district modifies or changes a policy.  Some items on this list are mandated by the State, Local Government, TEA, or School Board.  Items like wearing a mask, following social distancing, avoiding altercations, and proper use of technology is required and enforced without exception by law and or government mandate.  Items like the district use policy are a matter of contract between parents, students, and users the district property is loaned or accessed.  These issues are strictly enforced and non-negotiable, this document is a written notice.  


    **Restroom Policy: Will be adjusted to fit current requirements and per the district COVD policy.  The general policy is that students should use the restroom prior to the start of class.  Emergency bathroom use will be determined and granted based on current school policy and health and safety guidance.



    **Cell phone/Electronic Device Policy: Cellphones are not allowed for use in class.  As a 1:1 device district, students will have a laptop, personal or district issued, which will be used for school work and communication.  Students' use of these devices is limited by the policies set by JISD and included in device rental agreements, internet use policy, and the district AUP.  Students are not allowed to use social media, text, talk on the phone, or accept calls for any reason while in academic instruction.  If parents need to contact students, parents will need to call the office at (210)-945-1100 and have the student paged to the office.  Students phone to be in violation of this policy risk having the device confiscated by staff and turned into the front office at the convenience of the teacher.  Again there are no acceptances to this policy for any reason, even with “parent permission”.  


        “Mr. Hauptrief’s Classroom Philosophy/Non-Negotiables”   


    1. Open –We will be receptive to each other’s ideas
    2. Honest- We will be truthful yet sincere when communicating with one another
    3. Trusting- We will believe in one another
    4. Not Afraid- We will be Risk Takers when it comes to education
    5. Supportive- We will help one another, remember we are only as strong as our weakest link
    6. Goal Oriented-We will always operate with a goal in mind
    7. Unguarded-We will feel safe to share our ideas
    8. Collaborative-We will share our ideas
    9. Purpose- We will operate with a servant’s attitude
    10. ROCKET Pride! -We will honor each other with dignity and respect, remember you not only represent yourself but your parents as well.


    TEXTBOOKS: Each student has an Introduction to Medical Terminology, 1st Ed. book checked out to them!




    Test/Major Projects: 40%; Quizzes/Daily Assignments: 50%; Final 10% unless exempted


    Late/Missing Work:


    When an assignment is submitted after the due date, a penalty of ten (10) points per day will be deducted from the grade. Assignments turned in on the fourth day will result in a zero. In case of extenuating circumstances, it is the parent/guardian and/or student’s responsibility to inform the teacher and/or appropriate administrator so that an exception to the rule may be considered.




    Your grade in this class is determined by testing, projects, and participation. Sleeping is NOT allowed in this classroom, and it will affect your grade.