• Course Policies and Expectations


    Students are expected to:

    • be punctual and prepared every day
    • actively participate in class activities and assignments
    • bring classroom materials every day
    • remain accountable with all forms, class handouts, and deadlines
    • make up for any missed work according to the guidelines stated in the Student Handbook

    Students will follow the JISD policy on turning in late assignments.

    Electronic devices are to be silent and out of sight during instructional time.

    Food/Drinks are not permitted in the classroom.

    Academic dishonesty is unacceptable and may result in a zero for the assigned work.




    Grades are given in four categories:

    Quizzes/Daily work:  60%

    Exams/Major Projects:  40%

    The end-of-semester exam will account for 10% of the semester grade.

    Tutoring is available after school most days if scheduled with instructor in advance