• Principles of Dance I-IV, Dance Theory I-II, Dazzlers Pep Squad, and Diamonds Dance Team


    Class Rules

    1. Be in class and roll call lines on time.
    2. Be prepared (dress out).
    3. Be an active participant.


    Daily Class Procedures and Requirements 

    • All students must be in the dance studio when the tardy bell rings. You will not be admitted without a tardy slip from the office.
    • ID badges must be worn in order to gain entrance to the studio. 
    • All students must dress out in proper attire and be in their roll call lines at their assigned time.
    • Please secure hair during class. (we will not supply hair ties, so come prepared!)
    • Remove oversized jewelry to include large hoops, necklaces, and bracelets. This is a safety concern.
    • You will have a set amount of time at the end of the period to change back into school clothes. Hair and makeup can be retouched at this time.  Grooming is not permitted during class time.  Doing so means you are not being an active participant, and points will be deducted from your daily participation grade as needed.
    • Food, gum, and drinks are not allowed in the dance studio except water.
    • Do not go into the locker room without permission.
    • Be respectful of all others at all times.  We are all trying new things and laughing at others’ mistakes will not be tolerated.
    • Dance class attire is not to be worn outside of the dance studio environment without permission from your teacher.
    • Cell phones and other electronic devices are prohibited at all times and will be collected if seen unless they are being used for instructional purposes and with teacher permission. Cell phones are not to be used in the locker room or the studio for any purpose not designated by the teacher.
    • When the teachers are paged over the intercom, the students will be silent and not answer for the teacher.
    • You MUST have a pass, ID, and cover up when leaving during the class for any reason.
    • The teacher releases you, not the bell.
    • Please follow the JISD attendance policy as stated in the JISD Student Handbook.
    • Diamonds and Dazzlers, please see the JISD Dance Department Constitution for more guidelines applicable to you.  This document may be found on your CHARMS account.