• This year's supply list is unusual, as we are starting virtually and will continue in a digital fashion throughout the year.  Student's will need to have a device, whether a home PC/laptop or school provided Chromebook.  Student's will also be given access to the online version of their textbook for assignments.  U.S. History students will use The Americans, United States History since 1877, 2016 edition.  AP U.S. History Students will use American History, Connecting with the Past, 15th edition.

    Students should also have access to a binder to keep activities/notes, reviews, etc.; pen/pencil/highlighter, or other materials they feel might be necessary for their tasks.  This is especially important because both of these subjects will be taking the STAAR test and AP students will have their exam for college credit at the end of the year.  Notetaking is an important skill that will not only help them this school year, but also in college or their professional careers.