You will be expected to log into your Canvas account and complete the check-in for attendance daily.  Live instruction will occur at the beginning of each class period (see my homepage in Canvas or Judsonisd.org for bell schedule).  These lessons will also be video recorded and posted for you to use and review in your own time.


    Here is the Zoom link for our daily lessons: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88124406396?pwd=MmVsMWxrOHZKRy9TVUNPUkZOS1o4QT09

    Meeting ID: 881 2440 6396         Password: 040212


    Although we will be in an online learning environment, you are still required to check-in daily and complete all of the day’s coursework and assignments on time.


    I also hope to replicate the classroom environment as much as possible.  So to that effect, I highly encourage and wish to foster collaboration, discussion, participation, debates, and inquiry! Also, pending some special circumstances, I will expect you to have your camera turned on, so that we can see each other, ensure we’re equally engaged and ready to collaborate. In short, let’s get to know one another, work together, and have fun doing it! I will do all I can to facilitate these goals, and I covet your support.