Classroom Rules, Policies & Procedures

    1. Class expectations


    • Keep artwork within the realms of decency. (i.e., nothing illegal, immoral or obscene.)
    • ALL Electronics must be turned off and placed in a CELL PHONE “Parking Lot” at the beginning of class – to be returned before the dismissal bell. Classroom teachers may choose to allow occasional cell phone use for an assignment is appropriate.
    • Students who behave appropriately are given distinction with excellent citizenship grades, praise, and appropriate privileges.
      • Hall passes are one of these privileges and not a right. Any student who leaves the room MUST have a pass and their Student ID -- only one person may leave the room at a time. 



                *CELL PHONE PARKING LOT:

    To facilitate an atmosphere that encourages learning and removes distractions, students will “park” their cell phones (and other electronics) in a secured location for the duration of the class.  A claim ticket will given to each student to redeem their electronics at the end of class, all electronics will be secured in a locked location by the teachers desk and be returned at the end of class.

    Student violation of the NO CELL PHONE or ELECTRONICS policy is an immediate Discipline Referral.

    Classroom CONTRACT Rules




    1. Give teacher your complete attention during lectures.
    2. No profanity/disrespectful language (or art) allowed in the classroom (gestures included).
    3. RESPECT OTHER STUDENTS AND THEIR PROPERTY, as well as art supplies & equipment.
    4. Students must remain seated until dismissed (no waiting at door for the bell).
    5. Clean your work area and put supplies away at the end of class – this is part of the grade.
    6. Don’t be late for class. (Tardies count!)


    1. BE ON TASK: Stay on task (working) the entire class period.


    • No sleeping or horseplay or working on other class assignments during class time
    • No working on other students’ art (peer encouragement and suggestions are encouraged)
    • No texting or talking on cell phone in class – remember we are an electronics free classroom


    1. NO FOOD OR BEVERAGES IN CLASSROOM – EVER! (Bottled water is acceptable)


    1. 5. A variety of potentially hazardous chemicals and tools are used in art throughout the
      Students must follow appropriate safety measures to be allowed to participate in
          activities using these supplies.

    Student will follow all classroom rules. If student breaks a classroom rule, the following consequences will occur:


    1. Verbal Warning
    2. Student/Teacher conference (possible written report and/or seating change)
    3. Teacher/Parent/Counselor conference
    4. Office referral
    5. Removal from Art