• Classroom Expectations:

    1. Be to class on time.
    2. Students must be sitting in their assigned seat at the time of the bell.
    3. Work on Journals first five minutes of class.
    4. When the teacher is talking, please do not talk or get out of your seat.
    5. If you have a question, raise your hand.
    6. When students are presenting, no talking, don’t get out of your seat.  If you have a question, wait till the end of the presentation.
    7. When you are presenting, speak loud enough so everyone, especially the teacher, can hear you. Your grade depends on it.
    8. Respect: show the teacher respect and all other students. No cursing in classroom.
    9. Respect yourself, others, their property, their right to learn, and the equipment in the classroom.
    10. No food, gum or drink is allowed in the computer lab.  These items will be confiscated if visible. 
    11. No visible cell phones, earbuds, or headphones during class time.  Phones will be turned into the Front Office for parent pick-up.
    12. If the student is absent, it is their responsibility to get the notes and assignments from Canvas Classroom. If the work is not done, the student will receive a zero.


    Grades & Attendance

    Your child’s grades and attendance are available online through the Parent Portal.  Visit www.judsonisd.org to sign up or contact your child’s counselor for more information.  This is an important tool in keeping up with your child’s progress in all classes!



    Grading scale


    Assessments (Tests and Projects)


    Daily Work & Quizzes


    Classroom Discipline Plan


    1. Verbal Warning
    2. Student Conference
    3. Parent Contact
    4. Office Referral



    Tutoring Schedule


    Morning School Tutorials-7:45-8:35 am

    Except Wednesdays – I have morning duty.



    By appointment only.