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    2020-21 ELAR I Course Outline

    Driven by excellence!


    Teacher: Ms. Natalie Carter-Pitts                                    Room: H230                   npitts@judsonisd.org        



    Required Material:                *Please bring the supplies for your period the return to class date:

    ~ Your JISD issued Chromebook         * 2nd Period (Spurs Class) = 1 box of tissues

    ~ Your JISD issued Chromebook         * 3rd Period (Cowboys Class) = 1 large hand sanitizer

    ~ Your JISD issued Chromebook         * 5th Period (USA Socccer Class) = 1 box of Band Aids


    ***You will have Independent Reading time EVERY day for the first 15 minutes of class. You may bring a school appropriate book, or use our virtual library.

    ***Phones maybe used for educational purposes.


    Course Description:

    This class is designed to prepare students for college by expanding their imagination, creativity, and enthusiasm for literature- while focusing on the elements of reading, writing, and technology. Students will develop analytical and critical reasoning skills through group and class discussions. In addition, students will improve their verbal, non-verbal, and written communication skills. *Our class has an open floor policy. If you have something to say, be respectful. Please, do not talk at the same time as someone else. Communication is the key to success- I invite you to share, discuss, and assist each other daily. *THIS IS A WRITING, READING, AND TECHNOLOGY INTENSE COURSE. PLAN TO READ and WRITE IN CLASS DAILY! J FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!


    Grading Procedure:

    Tests, Essays, and Projects ~ minimum of 3 per grading period                40 %

    Daily Assignments, Classwork, AND Quizzes,                                         60 %


    Bathroom:  NO bathroom breaks or leaving the room the FIRST and LAST 10 minutes of class. If the pass is hanging- and we are not talking- you may get the pass, give a nod, and silently excuse yourself.


    Absences: It is your responsibility to complete absent work. All assignments can be found in Canvas.


    Late Work: There will be a deduction on your grade for late work. Truancy= a zero!


    SUBSTITUTE: I expect you to treat our substitutes with RESPECT. ALL work will be for a grade- and ALL work will be due by the  due date. 

    VISITORS: If ANYONE visits our room, immediately have a seat and be prepared to tell them what lesson you are working on. Take this opportunity to show off your work! J


    Electronics: Cell phones may NOT be heard or seen. Earbuds/ear pods are NOT permitted on campus. Cell phones use is permitted in class for anyone with a COLLEGE DEGREE. 😊

    *Please read the new policy regarding electronic devices, consequences, and cash fees.


    Discipline Procedures:  (1) Warning   (2) Student/teacher conference   (3) Student (WITH Teacher) will call parent/guardian to discuss and resolve discipline issue (4) Conference: Student/teacher conference and student will write a statement of their discipline issue and sets new goals (5) Teacher calls parent/guardian for phone conference (6) a referral is sent to an administrator- the student, all the student’s teachers, and parent/guardian conference is scheduled.


    Zeros: Zeros are not an option!! Tutoring is ALWAYS available!


    Tardy Policy: You must  be  IN  your seat  with mailbox supplies  BEFORE  the bell rings. If you are Tardy- sign the Tardy Log!  BE ON TIME!  4 Tardies =  ONE  ABSENCE ~~ 10  Absences and You LOSE Your  Credit!


    60 Second Conferences: tri-weekly, students will have a 60 second one on one student/ teacher conference. We will assess student work for the week and discuss grades, zeros, concerns, and expectations. Students who need a longer conference time are welcome to come to see us after school. *Arrangements will be made if a parent conference is needed.


    Teacher Rules: We will make changes as needed to classroom procedures. We ask that you respect our request with updates and changes. We will always have you and the classroom’s best interest at heart.


    Contact Information: npitts@judsonisd.org

    Parents can see their child’s grades and attendance on the district’s Learning Management System-Canvas.


    I look forward to sharing an exciting, adventurous, and enlightening year with our students. If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions please contact me. I understand… you are all unique, intelligent individuals. My goal is for each and every one of you to succeed! Success is the ONLY option in our classroom! 





    Ms. Natalie Pitts

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