• Grading Procedure:

    Tests, Essays, and Projects ~ minimum of 3 per grading period                     40 %

    Daily Assignments, Class work, AND Quizzes,                                         60 %


    Bathroom:  NO bathroom breaks or leaving the room the FIRST and LAST 10 minutes of class. If the pass is hanging- and we are not talking- you may get the pass, give a nod and silently excuse yourself.


    Absences: It is your responsibility to complete absent work. DO NOT ask us what you missed during class time! You MUST ask a neighbor, look in our journal- or come to tutoring.


    Late Work: There will be a deduction on your grade for late work. Truancy= a zero!


    VISITORS: If ANYONE visits our room, immediately have a seat and be prepared to tell them what lesson you are working on. Take this opportunity to show off your work! J


    Electronics: Cell phones may NOT be heard or seen. Earbuds/ear pods are NOT permitted on campus. Cell phones use is permitted in class for anyone with a COLLEGE DEGREE. 😊

    *Please read the new policy regarding electronic devices, consequences and cash fees.


    Discipline Procedures:  (1) Warning   (2) Student/teacher conference   (3) Student (WITH Teacher) will call parent/guardian to discuss and resolve discipline issue (4) Conference: Student/teacher conference and student will write a statement of their discipline issue and sets new goals (5) Teacher calls parent/guardian for phone conference (6) a referral is sent to an administrator- the student, all the student’s teachers, and parent/guardian conference is scheduled.


    Zeros: Zeros are not an option!! Tutoring is ALWAYS available!


    Tardy Policy: You  must  be  IN  your  seat  with  mailbox  supplies  BEFORE  the  bell  rings. If you are Tardy- sign the Tardy Log!  BE ON TIME!  4 Tardies =  ONE  ABSENCE ~~ 10  Absences and You LOSE Your  Credit!