• Classroom Rules and Procedures


    1. Be to class on time. Be in your assigned seat when the bell rings to begin class.
    2. Be respectful to everyone and their property at all times.
    3. Remain seated unless otherwise directed.
    4. No food, drinks, candy or gum of any kind in the classroom.
    5. No hats, sunglasses, music, or make up of any kind allowed in the classroom.
    6. Do NOT touch or harass anyone, in any way.
    7. Do NOT leave the classroom without permission.
    8. Cheating will not be tolerated.
    9. Do NOT use profanity.
    10. Use the restroom before class.
    11. NO late work will be accepted. Have your work completed and ready to be turned in on the day it is due. 
    12. If you miss a class it is your responsibility to get all the work you missed from me and turn it in at the appropriate time.
    13. You must keep all your work in your notebook.
    14. Follow all school rules in the student code of conduct.



    1. Verbal correction and warning
    2. Phone call to your parent/guardian
    3. Referral to the office


    Behavior such as abusive language, fighting, possession of alcohol, drugs, weapons, etc., or any outburst of aggression will immediately be referred to the administration