• Class Rules


    Remember your child is graded every day. Rules and “Things” that have a negative effect on daily grades are:


    1. Failure to dress out on Tuesday- Friday (Shirt, shorts or warm-up pants, and proper foot wear)


    1. Tardiness – Student will have 7 minutes after tardy bell rings to get dressed and be in roll call line. Gates will be locked at this time.


    1. NO FOOD or DRINKS IN CLASS OR GYM! Backpacks can be brought to gym only on Monday.


    1. Failure to bring appropriate supplies (Paper & pencil for Journals on Mondays)


    1. No cell-phones, i-pods, or other electrical devices may be used in class unless instructed to do so by the teacher.



    Students are further expected to observe all rules in the student handbook.  The above list of “offenses” which may affect the daily grade can be added to as the teacher deems necessary.