TARDY: You are late or tardy if you arrive any time after class has begun. Tardiness will be excused only for medical reasons, emergencies, or notice from other staff.


    Makeup WORK: Students shall receive a zero for any assignment or test not made up within the allotted time according to district policy (5 days) unless prior approval is given by the principal or designee.  Students have 5 school days to make up a failing grade in tutoring, if the work is completed within the 5 days, the highest possible grade a student can receive on a make-up assignment is a 75, and the highest grade that can be achieved on a make-up test is a 70, even if mastery is demonstrated.  PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT makeup ASSIGNMENTS MAY BE A DIFFERENT ASSIGNMENT COVERING THE SAME TEK AS THE ORIGINAL ASSIGNMENT.


    LATE WORK: Late work is defined as an assignment that is not submitted on its due date, with the exception of make-up work for absences or approved school activities. Teachers are to enter an “M” into the electronic grade book for any assignment a student does not turn in on time. An “M” will average as zero if not made up within 5 days. The highest grade that can be achieved is a 75 on late assignments within the 5 days, even if mastery is demonstrated.



    For every place we go in life, there are rules and regulations to set in order to keep everyone safe and comfortable. The same applies for my English Class. It is my intention that my classroom remains a danger-free zone and a place where students feel safe, secure, and most of all, free to be themselves. The rules in my class are as follows:

    1. All district and school policies are always enforced. If you have electronics, keep them off and out of sight.
    2. Follow the dress code and dress like you’re preparing for your career.
    3. CHARGING CELL PHONES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN CLASS. Cell phones found plugged in will be confiscated and turned into the office.
    4. No Food. Period. Drinks in my room must be in a screw-top bottle.
    5. Be prepared for class every day. Be on time. No exceptions.
    6. No loitering in the hall; you may receive a tardy if you are not in your seat starting the warm-up when the bell rings as your entrance may cause a distraction for those who are early and already working.
    7. Be respectful to your teacher, your classmates and, most of all, to yourself.


    1. Warning
    2. Student/teacher conference and a parent phone call or email
    3. Student and teacher will call a parent to discuss and resolve the discipline issue
    4. Teacher Parent Conference requested and referral is sent to an administrator




    Please keep your phone turned off and out of sight. There might be opportunities to use it for academic purposes but they are not required and can only be used with specific permission from the teacher. Any violations are handled according to district policy. If students fail to turn in their phone upon request they will be written up, the cellphone will be confiscated, parents will have to retrieve the phone and pay a $15 fine per the new school policy.