• Mr. James Worley’s Class Organization Plan (All Classes)

    Class Rules:

    1. Students will respect themselves and others.
    2. Students will put away all electronic devices, accessories, and snacks.
    3. Students will be prepared and have materials ready.
    4. Students will only use positive language and speak with good purpose.
    5. Students will use their time efficiently and wisely.


    1. Good, productive class work and behavior for the week may result in special, fun, activities on Friday.
    2. When possible, positive class behavior through the week will result in students being able to listen to music while performing Friday's activity.

    Discipline Policy and Consequences:

    To ensure that every student had the chance to succeed--every day—the following discipline policy will be followed:

    If you are in violation of any of the rules, resulting in disruption to the class activities, I will give you NO MORE than TWO (2) VERBAL WARNINGS. After that, any/all of the following steps may happen:

    You will be assigned a seat away from other students and assigned an alternative activity, that avoids disruption of the other students' work.

    I will have a conference with you in the hall to discuss necessary adjustments to your behavior.

    I will call your parents, guardians, and/or extracurricular sponsors (coaches) to enlist their aid in adjusting your behavior.

    I will call a Hall Monitor and request that you be removed from my classroom--followed by submission of a Discipline Referral to the Administration.



    Bathroom Requests: (Max of once daily per student)                Entering Class:

    Crossed fingers in the air                                                           Enter quietly and go to your seat

    Teacher may respond  w/                                                          Write the day's activity in your

    Nod and gesture to log book                                                                  journal (From the whiteboard)

    Sign, date, and take pass                                                            After the bell, be ready to begin discussion

    Go DIRECTLY to bathroom and RETURN DIRECTLY            

    Sign in and return pass                                                              Leaving Class:

    Return to your seat                                                                    Return class materials to proper place

    Gather your things and wait AT YOUR SEAT

    The TEACHER will release you, NOT the bell.

    What to say...when you don’t know what to say:

    May I please some more information?                            May I have more time to think?
    Would you please repeat the question?               Where could I find information about that?
    May I ask a friend for help?


    Let’s work for your success together!     J. Worley