Class Procedures



    Grading Procedure:

    Tests, Essays, and Projects ~ minimum of 3 per grading period                     40 %

    Daily Assignments, Class work, AND Quizzes,                                         60 %

     Distance Learning: Be on time to zoom meetings, make sure there isn't anything distracting in your background. Keep your self on mute while teacher is talking. Use the raise the hand feature if you have any questions, use the chat box when directed by teacher. Use your actual name in Zoom, nick names will not be allowed to enter the room. Keep your video on, and feel free to use virtual background while in my zoom. 

    Bathroom:  NO bathroom breaks or leaving the room the FIRST and LAST 10 minutes of class. If the pass is hanging- and we are not talking- you may get the pass, give a nod and silently excuse yourself.


    Absences: It is your responsibility to complete absent work. DO NOT ask us what you missed during class time! You MUST ask a neighbor, look in our journal- or come to tutoring.


    Late Work: There will be a deduction on your grade for late work. Truancy= a zero!


    VISITORS: If ANYONE visits our room, immediately have a seat and be prepared to tell them what lesson you are working on. Take this opportunity to show off your work! J


    Electronics: Cell phones may NOT be heard or seen.


    Discipline Procedures:  (1) Warning   (2) Student/teacher conference   (3) Student (WITH Teacher) will call parent/guardian to discuss and resolve discipline issue (4) Conference: Student/teacher conference and student will write a statement of their discipline issue and sets new goals (5) Teacher calls parent/guardian for phone conference (6) a referral is sent to an administrator- the student, all the student’s teachers, and parent/guardian conference is scheduled.


    Zeros: Zeros are not an option!! Tutoring is ALWAYS available!