As respectful young men and women, students are expected to behave in a manner that is appropriate for an academic environment.  Success in the classroom is more than earning an “A”, as behavior plays a major role in level of achievement.  The following are the basic guidelines for ensuring behavioral success this year:

    • Be Punctual
    • Be Respectful
    • Be Prepared
    • Be Constructive
    • Strive for Excellence Always




    • 10% Homework
    • 50% Quizzes and Daily Class Assignments
    • 40% Tests and Major Projects


    • 10% Homework
    • 50% Quizzes and Daily Class Assignments
    • 40% Tests and Major Projects





    Students are expected to contact the teacher upon returning to school.  It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements to obtain all agendas, class notes, assignments, etc. missed while absent.




    All work is due to the instructor at the time it is asked for in class.  Any student with a missing assignment will serve Lunch D-Hall in order to complete the assignment.  The student will continue to serve Lunch D-Hall each school day until the assignment is complete.  After completing the assignment in Lunch D-Hall, the student must personally submit the work to the teacher.  No credit will be given for the missing/late assignment.


    In general, Homework will NOT be accepted late; however, each student will be issued three “Wildcard” passes per 9-week grading period to use in lieu of turning in a late Homework assignment.  Each Wildcard may be used in any JECA class to postpone the due date of an assignment by one school day; there is no point deduction when utilizing a Wildcard.   The assignment must be turned in the very next school day, regardless of whether or not the class meets.  The student may use his/her available Wildcards at his/her discretion, but once all three have been used per 9-week grading period, subsequent late assignments will not be accepted.  At the beginning of each 9-week grading period, each student will be issued three Wildcards; Wildcards will not rollover.  Any abuse of this policy will result in a loss of this privilege for either a period of time or for the entire school year.


    The following assignments will NOT be accepted late, and are not eligible for the Wildcard exception:

    • Daily Work
    • Tests
    • Quizzes
    • Science Labs
    • Theater Performances


    Projects and Essays will be accepted up to TWO DAYS late, if submitted personally to the teacher, with the following DEDUCTIONS on the project’s/essay’s final grade:

    • First day late (turned in on due date at any time after the class period has ended) – 10 points
    • Second day late (due at 8 AM the very next school day after the due date) – 20 points
    • Third day late (two school days after the due date) – Grade recorded as a ZERO





    1. If absent on day of test, it is the student’s responsibility to contact his/her teacher upon returning to school, and make arrangements to complete the exam(s) missed.  Tests must be made up within three school days from the day the exam was originally given. The student is solely responsible to acknowledge exam dates which are provided by the teacher.  Make-up exams will cover the same material but may be different in format from the original exam.


    1. Student can be assigned to D-Hall for any late assignment


    1. A student will not be allowed to have a missing assignment. If the work assigned was essential to the learning, then it must be completed. Parents will be contacted after the 3rd missing assignment; teachers will log the contact. At the 4th missing assignment the student may be written up on a discipline referral. Teachers are expected to use their professional judgment and discretion in the application of this policy.





    Any student scoring 69% or below on a test will be permitted to retake that test after fulfilling the retest requirements established by the teacher (see bulleted list below).  It is the student’s responsibility to submit to the teacher a request for the reteach and the retest by email within five days of the posted grade.  The retest will occur within five school days of the reteach.  All retests will cover the same material but may be different in format from the original exam.  The teacher’s specific requirements for reteach and retest are described below.


    Retest Requirements:

    1. The student will submit a request via email and carbon copy (CC) his/her parents within the five days after grade is posted to TAC. If a student’s parents do not have an email account then a parent’s signature is required on a printed copy of the student’s email. The printed email with the required information must be submitted the next day following the student’s sent email.
    2. The student will write a one-page typed reflection (in MLA format) regarding the performance in the assessment. The following questions should be addressed:
      • Why was the score below expectations?
      • What could you have done differently?
      • What is your plan to improve this current situation?
      • What are some specific strategies to ensure that this does not happen again?
    3. The student will make corrections on the assessment.
    4. The student will meet with teacher to schedule a reteach session. The student must bring typed reflection and corrections at this time
    5. Teacher will provide re-testing date/instructions
    1. These assignments are all subject to change at the Teacher’s discretion.