• Welcome New Robots! I hope you are excited for a new school year that will be filled with lots of learning and fun! In our learning community, you will be a part of a team environment that works together to help each other do their very best. In this class, we will show kindness and respect to one another. Through our learning adventures, we will have many opportunities to explore and discover new skills, achieve personal goals, and make awesome memories as we grow and learn together!

    Our Class Motto: Responsible  Outstanding  Brilliant  Optimistic  Trustworthy  Students



    Mrs. Krause Classroom Expectations

    1. Be ready to learn

    - sit up straight

    - put listening ears on


    1. Be Respectful

    -Make positive choices

    -Treat people the way you want to be treated


    1. Be Responsible

    - Turn in homework everyday

    -Use materials for learning