• Classroom Rules

    1. Keep your hands and feet to yourself

    2. Raise a quiet hand

    3. Listen and follow the directions.

    4. Be nice to others.

    5. Be your best


    Homework Schedule

     Monday - Drops In the Bucket (Language Arts)

     Tuesday - Math

     Wednesday - Reading

    Have your child read the small book two times pointing to the words. Sign the book and return on Thursday for partner reading.

    Thursday - Writing

    At the beginning of the year we do tracing of the child's name, letters and lines. Then as we start learning words, the child will use that word in a complete sentence. Towards the end of the year your child will be writing his or her own stories. Parents, please DO NOT help you child spell words. I want them to write the sounds they hear. 

     Friday - Song and Poetry Journal

    Students will bring their journal home and sing/say the song/poem to you. Sign it and return it on Monday.


     ARRIVALStudents may arrive at school between 6:30 - 7:30.  Your child will be counted tardy after 7:30.


    Cafeteria opens at 6:30. Students will be allowed into the classrooms no earlier than 7:15. Before 7:15 they must sit at the kindergarten table in the cafeteria. School staff will be watching the students in the cafeteria.


    ATTENDANCE: Please make sure that your child is at school everyday!  If he/she must be out please try to notify us ahead of time or call us the day of.  When your child returns back to school please send a note from the doctor or parents. 


    BIRTHDAYTo celebrate your child’s birthday you may send in a special store-bought snack .  Please let me know ahead of time so I can make plans for the special snack. We celebrate birthdays at  2:00- 2:15.


    BEHAVIORCheck in your child’s homework journal for his/her behavior daily.  Your child will receive a color for good behavior.  If they have a difficult day, I will let you know what happened. I incorporate a lot of incentives in the classroom where your child will have a chance to go to the smartie pants (treasure box) or get special privileges on certain days.


    BREAKFASTEvery child will have the oppertunity to eat breakfast in the classroom. 


    CONFERENCES: I will hold a conference at the beginning of the year with each parent concerning each child’s academic status.  If you feel that you would like to have a conference with me to find out how your child is progressing, please feel free to set that up with me.


    DISMISSALDismissal time is at 2:45 for all students, but kindergarten starts coming out at 2:35.  If your child must go home a different way then normal, please call me or write a note.  You will be given a car tag to hang in your car that you need to have to pick up your child. It is faster to park and walk up to get your child.


    EMERGENCIESPlease make sure that all of your contact info is kept up to date throughout the year.  If a situation such as an injury or bad weather occurs, we need to know how to contact you.


    HOLIDAYSIn Kindergarten, we put a lot of focus on holidays and we center much of our work around them.  Please let me know if your child can not celebrate holidays because of religious reasons and I will make alternate plans for him/her.


    MONEYIf you are sending money to school for pictures, field trips, lunch, etc please make sure that you put the money in a bag or envelope and label with your child’s name, my name, and amount.

    To add money or check your child's lunch account click here: https://www.mypaymentsplus.com/default.aspx


    MEDICINEIf your child must take medicine at school, we are required to have a form filled out by the doctor.  This goes for prescription medicine, over-the-counter medicines, and even cough drops.  Medication must be in the original container and clearly labeled.  It also must be transported by the parent or adult only.  I suggest taking the form at the beginning of the year and having your child’s doctor fill it out if you know your child has problems with a certain ailment.


    QUESTIONSIf at any time you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at school until 3:15, write me a note in your child’s folder, email me at mlagasse@judsonisd.org or send me a text through the Remind app.


    REPORT CARDS:  Kindergartners receive report cards every nine weeks.


    VOLUNTEERS:  We love to have volunteers in the classroom!  If you are interested in serving as our “room parent”, tutoring small groups of students, or preparing classroom materials please let me know. All volunteers must complete an online training through the Judson homepage. Go to parents, volunteers and then you can start the process.


    VISITORS:  Please sign in at the office and obtain a visitors badge before coming to the classroom or eating lunch with your child.  We are not allowed to let any parents enter through the side or back doors of the school or classroom.


    WELCOME:  Please remember that my door is always open.  If you ever have a question, concerns, or comments please feel free to contact me by phone, email, or note!  By working together I know the children will have a GREAT year!