• Student Portal- Students have access to many educational opportunities on their school portal such as ConnectEd, AR, and Imagine Learning.

    Recommended Teacher Resources:

    Information from the front of the student planner (multiplication chart, shapes, measurements, etc.)

    Resource information provided in homework folder

    Hundreds chart

    Kahn Academy


    Imagine Learning (This has taken the place of Istation and is available on students portals)




    Best Practices: 

    Students always need to READ! As they're reading, if they come to unknown words, help them work through the words rather than just tell them. Ask them questions about the story (about the characters, setting, problem/ conflict, solution/ resolution, what happened in the beginning, middle and end, ask about details, what words mean and how they know what it means, why the author write certain phrases, words, used the pictures, etc.) 

    Practice fluency with math. There are lots of fluency games available on pinterest or Google, but using flashcards or rolling and adding dice are great. Talk to your child about every day math so they see it in real life as well as the classroom- i.e. counting money, estimating the price of things or estimating numbers, mental math, prices at restaurants, etc. 

    Fine motor skills always need work! Have students get a pencil and draw connecting circles on notebook paper. Have them practice writing on paper correctly within the lines. Help them use correct capitalization, punctuation and spelling.

    But the most important thing- spend time together as a family! Go to the park and count bugs, play on the swings, cook a meal together, take a walk, read to them, etc. Any child's most important teacher is their parent!