***Dress code:  Your child must follow the school/District dress code. Please refer to the student handbook for specific information.


    ***Homework:  will require some parental involvement at this level. Your cooperation is essential in developing a positive homework habit. First and foremost, you can encourage your child by showing interest and demonstrating helpful attitudes toward homework. Please check their Homework Folder daily.
    Additional suggestions for homework:

    •  Provide a noise-free, well-lit place to work.
    •  Establish a regular "homework time" 
    •  Give your child adequate timecomplete activities neatly and carefully.
    • Encourage your child to ask for help when he/she doesn't understand something or is frustrated. Teachers, like parents, can help only if they know there is a need.                                                If it becomes too frustrating of a task; stop and take a break. Any work done under duress or frustration is not a positive or healthy learning experience.