• For online access to music activities while away from school:

    How to access music assignments online:

    1. Go to Quavermusic.com/login
    2. You will enter a Username and Password which will be the same. Capitalization counts.

    For Kinder username and PW: Hartmankinder

    For 1st grade username and PW: Hartmanfirst

    For 2nd grade username and PW: Hartmansecond

    For 3rd grade username and PW: Hartmanthird

    For 4th grade username and PW: Hartmanfourth

    For 5th grade username and PW: Hartmanfifth

    1. Once you’re logged in, you can click the Assignments bubble and complete at your own pace. You can also explore the other tabs on the screen. You have access to music books, songs and instrument interactives.
    2. Enjoy! 

    These will be updated every week we are out.


    How to access Flipgrid App

    1. Download Fligpridd in the App store (It’s FREE!)
    2. Enter the code: cazarezperez9058
    3. Enter the password: mhemusic2020
    4. You can respond to the video topic I post with a video response of 1 minute or less.


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