• 3rd Grade Behavior Expectations:

    • Follow all classroom, hallway and school rules
    • Daily get planner signed and write down agendas
    • Keep hands, feet, and all other objects to yourself
    • Be prepared for learning each day & do homework
    • Students respect themselves and others
    • Work collaboratively with others
    • Make good choices & always do your Best!



    1. Verbal Warning and/or Redirection
    2. Mark in planner, Lose 5 minutes of Recess and Lose 10 points on daily conduct grade
    3. Student/Teacher conference - Mark in planner, Lose 5 more minutes of Recess, and final 10 points off of 20 point daily conduct grade.
    4. Call parent, Lose last 5 minutes of recess (No recess)
    5. Referral

    Please note that a student can receive a referral for any major infraction without a verbal warning. (Please see student handbook online for more information on major infractions)