Pre-Kindergarten Classroom Norms

  • Hartman Elementary Classroom Norms


     The student is expected to:

    1. Follow instructions and stay on task.
      1. Listening to speaker (staff or student)
      2. Staying in designated area or with designated group
      3. Completing assigned tasks


    1. Be respectful:
      1. To self
      2. To staff
      3. To classmates
      4. With materials and equipment


    1. Keep hands, feet, and objects to self.



    1. Verbal praise
    2. Stickers
    3. Certificates
    4. Treasure/treat box


    Behavior Intervention:

    1. Verbal warning
    2. Removal from situation and private conversation
    3. Parental notification (conduct folder/email/phone call)


    Classroom Procedures:

    1. Enter classroom calmly and quietly
    2. Sit in designated area
    3. Complete tasks as directed
    4. Return items to designated area:
      1. Supplies/materials (personal and classroom)
      2. Push in chairs
      3. Clean work area (picking up trash, spills, etc.)