• General Supply List

    1   Pair of Scissors

    4   Glue Sticks

    1    White glue

    2   Packages Notebook Paper

    1  12” standard/ metric ruler

    48 # 2 Pencils or 2 Mechanical Pencils

    1   pkg of 10 Ball Point Pens

    2   Boxes of Tissues

    1   Box of Crayons  (48)      

    2   Box Crayola Markers

    1   Set of Map Pencils 

    1   Zipper Bag for pencils

    6   Pocket Folders with brads

    9   Composition Notebooks

    1 Pkg. White Board Markers

    1  Gallon Ziploc baggies


    Science Daily Must Haves:



    Color Pencils


    Glue stick

    Positive Vibes only

    Open mind and willingness to try



    Our Class Wishlist:

    I will so graciously accept:


    -Index cards (colorful or white)


    -Large Binder rings

    -Post -it notes

    -Glue sticks

    -Clorox wipes

    -Jolly ranchers/ Smarties/ Dum Dum Pops/ Chocolate Kisses

    -Your endless support