• Classroom Code of Conduct

    1. Enter the room quietly and be prepared to start the day’s activities.

    2. Be respectful -  Respect yourself, others, and Ms. Marquez at all times.

    3. Be responsible -  Come to class with needed materials and any   assignments required.

    4. Be Safe - Only interact with any living or nonliving  items in the room when given permission first.

    Technology Code of Conduct

    1. Use ONLY the equipment that you are assigned.

    2. Be Respectful - Only work with your       assignments saved on your computer.

    3. Be Respectful - Use only positive language when communicating on any social         network.

    4. Be Responsible - Care for the equipment you use as it were your own.

    5. Be Safe - Keep you log-in information    confidential.


    Laboratory Code of Conduct

    1. Be respectful - Enter the lab calm, cool, and collected ready to listen to instructions.

    2. Bring what I am asked to bring, and ONLY what I am asked, into the lab.

    3. Only take items you have permission to OUT of the lab.

    4. Be responsible - Notify Ms. Marquez of any breaks, spills, or any other situation that could be harmful RIGHT AWAY.

    5. Be safe– Always listen and follow directions EXACTLY in order to avoid any disasters.