• Behavioral Expectations

    RTI K-5 Teacher


    Appropriate behavior is inculcated to ensure safety and order in the classroom as well as in society. Positive behaviors are strengthened through skill development.

    “The more we practice, the better we get.”

    “When we do the right thing, we have happy hearts.”


    Character Counts Pledge:

    To Be Trustworthy

    To Be Respectful

    To Be Responsible

    To Be Fair

    To Be Caring

    To Be a Good Citizen

    And to always have the Courage to do the Right Thing.



    1. Listen when speaker speaks.
    2. Raise hand and wait turn for teacher’s attention.
    3. Follow directions right away.
    4. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    5. Respect self and others with verbal and non-verbal actions.


    Incentive Plan



    • Praise from teacher (T-Choice, Verbal, High 5, Thumbs Up)
    • Earned Time.
    • Phone call or note home informing parent of students’ great work including acts of kindness, cooperation, improvement, etc…



    • Verbal warning
    • Parent Contact thru documentation on Behavior Calendar
    • Loss of classroom privileges or reduced recess time
    • Discipline Referral to Administration with possible Behavior Contract


    Students: I have heard, read, and understand these Behavioral Expectations. I will practice and honor them in becoming a Good Citizen.