• Below you will find the guidelines you will need to following while conducting your work. It is important to always follow these codes of conduct in order to be successful in your work as a scientist for Hartman Elementary. Failure to do so will result in consequences listed below. Ability to comply to these requests will result in several different types of rewards. 


    Classroom Code of Conduct

    1. Enter the room quietly and be prepared to start the day’s activities.

    2. Be respectful -  Respect yourself, others, and Mrs. YoungWilliams at all times.

    3. Be responsible -  Come to class with needed materials and any assignments required.

    4. Be Safe - Only interact with any living or nonliving  items in the room when given permission first.

    Technology Code of Conduct

    1. Use ONLY the equipment that you are assigned.

    2. Be Respectful - Only work with your assignments saved on your computer.

    3. Be Respectful - Use only positive language when communicating on any social network.

    4. Be Responsible - Care for the equipment you use as it were your own.

    5. Be Safe - Keep you log-in information confidential.


    Laboratory Code of Conduct

    1. Be respectful - Enter the lab calm, cool, and collected ready to listen to instructions.

    2. Bring what I am asked to bring, and ONLY what I am asked, into the lab.

    3. Only take items you have permission to OUT of the lab.

    4. Be responsible - Notify Mrs. YoungWilliams of any breaks, spills, or any other situation that could be harmful RIGHT AWAY.

    5. Be safe– Always listen and follow directions EXACTLY in order to avoid any disasters.


    Our class will be utilizing the app, CLASS DOJO. Please download as soon as possible. You will be given a code to enter for your child. I will use this medium to provide you important details for upcoming events, class assignments/ activities as well as keep you informed on your child’s day to day behavior/academics. 

    All messages are private and will only be seen by you, the parent and the teacher. Our 3rd grade team will be using this method to stream- line communications. 

    There is also a feature to which I will be posting pictures of daily class- room activities. Think of it as Facebook but only for your child’s class. Only those YOU give access to may see what’s happening in your child’s day. If you do not want your child to be photographed, please let me know. 

    This will also be the very best way to get in touch with me. I answer my messages throughout the day. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


    3rd Grade Behavior Expectations:

    • Follow all classroom, hallway and school rules
    • Daily get planner signed and write down agendas
    • Keep hands, feet, and all other objects to yourself
    • Be prepared for learning each day & do homework
    • Students respect themselves and others
    • Work collaboratively with others
    • Make good choices & always do your Best!



    1. Verbal Warning and/or Redirection
    2. Mark in planner, Lose 5 minutes of Recess and Lose 10 points on daily conduct grade
    3. Student/Teacher conference - Mark in planner, Lose 5 more minutes of Recess, and final 10 points off of 20 point daily conduct grade.
    4. Contact parent, Lose last 5 minutes of recess (No recess)
    5. Referral

    Please note that a student can receive a referral for any major infraction without a verbal warning. (Please see student handbook online for more information on major infractions)



    Grading Scale and Grading Percentage

    Grading Scale

    Grade Weight Percentages

    Grading weight percentages



     Behavior grading below